About Us

Who We Are And What We Do

This is SCLPT.

Mat pilates delivered a little differently.
From a background of pilates, dancing, and group fitness, SCLPT. synergistically brings a fusion of traditional pilates with strengthening exercises to ignite and challenge your body and mind.

Offering Pilates personal training sessions, or small groups of 2 to 5 people, this structure delivers purposeful exercises and measured results to suit every fitness level. Primarily focusing on body weight movement, you will gain a better understanding of your own physical self and how you move.

Change happens through movement and movement heals.


Behind SCLPT. is me, Alex. A high energy, pilates enthusiast, who loves a chat, getting a sweat on, and has a serious obsession with crunchy peanut butter. Having practiced pilates since the age of 14, I fell in love with this form of movement early on. A few years into my Pilates practice I acquired a muscular injury from dancing which saw me constantly visiting physiotherapists and undergoing rehabilitation exercises. Under the discretion of my physio, I was determined to undertake additional Pilates sessions almost religiously, which saw my recovery time reduce from 6 months and potential surgery, to 3 months and no surgery! Fast track almost a decade, and that love is just as strong as ever. I am incredibly passionate about how pilates can translate into bettering our bodies in everyday life, while transforming how we think about ourselves through mind body connection. With formal education and personal experience, I’m here to help you on your journey no matter how grand or small!