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This is SCLPT.

Mat pilates delivered a little differently.

From a background of pilates, dancing, and group fitness, SCLPT. synergistically brings a fusion of traditional pilates with strengthening exercises to ignite and challenge your body and mind.

Offering Pilates personal training sessions, or small groups of 2 to 5 people, this structure delivers purposeful exercises and measured results to suit every fitness level. Primarily focusing on body weight movement, you will gain a better understanding of your own physical self and how you move.

Mind-Body Connection

Quality movement over quantity tests our mental and physical strength. Reconnect with your body, understand how it moves and your true capabilities

Positive Health Choices

Dedicating time to yourself with these sessions, will amplify your healthy lifestyle habits for the better. Through your practice, you will see how the benefits mentally and physically transition into every day life

Create Shape

Consistent practice will enhance your body’s current aesthetic and function. Muscles will appear longer, will be stronger and will be able to support you through your day to day activities now and into the future

Full Body Workouts

Incorporating specialised movements and isolation work, these sessions are guaranteed to give you a challenging workout from head to toe.


Behind SCLPT. is me, Alex.

A high energy, pilates enthusiast, who loves a chat, getting a sweat on, and has a serious obsession with crunchy peanut butter. Having practiced pilates since the age of 14, I fell in love with this form of movement early on. A few years into my Pilates practice I acquired a muscular injury from dancing which saw me constantly visiting physiotherapists and undergoing rehabilitation exercises.

Under the discretion of my physio, I was determined to undertake additional Pilates sessions almost religiously, and that saw my recovery time reduce from 6 months and potential surgery, to 3 months and no surgery! Leaving both of us stunned, we came to the conclusion that Pilates was the reason for my abnormally speedy recovery.

Fast track almost a decade, and that love is just as strong as ever. I am incredibly passionate about how pilates can translate into bettering our bodies in everyday life, while transforming how we think about ourselves through mind body connection. With formal education and personal experience, I’m here to help you on your journey no matter how grand or small!

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New to SCLPT.?

Prior to commencing your first session, we will evaluate what it is you are hoping to gain and how we can work together to get you there. Whether you are wanting to achieve better posture, better core stability, need some momentum to build up to a gym environment, or just love pilates, these sessions are driven by your desired outcomes.

SCLPT. Can come to you!

Do you live in or near the Bentleigh area? Sessions can take place at Triple Five Fitness, a central, female only gym. Alternatively we can organise to host your session at a local park or at your home/ work place provided there is adequate space.

*Note that travel fees may occur and are determined by distance. Please enquire via email.*

Frequently Asked Questions

I have an injury, will pilates help me recover?

These are not injury rehabilitation sessions, but workouts that will challenge you. Please consult with your health professional if you have a pre-existing injury and we can work under their guidance. Pilates will however strengthen your body to prevent potential future injuries and quicken your recovery process.

What are the benefits of pilates?

The list is truly endless and once you have attended a few classes, it is guaranteed you will start to notice them yourself. Get ready for; enhanced mobility, increased strength, better balance and stability, flexibility, mindfulness, discipline, and overall improvement in fitness. Sold yet?

I would do pilates but I have no flexibility

You don’t join a gym because you already are strong, and you don’t do pilates because you’re already flexible. It needs to be worked on in order to obtain and maintain. Flexibility is a major benefit of regular practice, and you will notice those tight areas of your body loosening up.

I am pregnant, can I do pilates?

Pilates is almost a match made in heaven for exercise during pregnancy*. Each trimester will pose different limitations, and provided you have the all clear from your GP we can tailor the session to suit your (and bubs) needs. Sessions should be one on one from second trimester as the work outs will be revised to not put pressure on the abdominals.

*Please speak with your health care professional before commencing a new fitness regime while pregnant.*

Is body weight work enough to get a proper workout?

Don’t be fooled, just because we are on the mat doesn’t mean it’ll be easy! Body weight movement requires a deeper level of muscle isolation and control which works our strength and cardiovascular fitness all at once. This style of strength training also increases bone density which is vital to protect our skeletal system from injury.

What can I expect from each class? What do I need to bring?

Expect to have a 45min full body work out inclusive of warming up and stretching. Each session will run the same way with the exercises being varied regularly.

Before arrival:

  • Fill out your prescreening form and send it back to
  • Wear some comfy clothes you can move easily in
  • Grab a water bottle and mat (if you have one)
  • Arrive 10 mins early on your first session, so we can run through the boring but important bits
When can I expect to see results?

Wise words from the man himself:

“In 10 sessions you will feel a difference, In 20 sessions you will see a difference and in 30 sessions you will have a whole new body”Joseph Pilates

Don't just take our word for it

Alex is such an amazing instructor. She is caring and thoughtful and always makes sure you are comfortable with what you are doing but also, if like me you need a little bit more of a push to give your best - she will give you a supportive nudge to make sure you achieve the outcome you set out for!

Alex O.

Pilates with Alex has been the most uplifting, empowering, motivating (and not to mention muscle burning) workout I’ve participated in! She creates a beautiful and safe space to be in through her calm and patient manner. Her classes are the perfect combination of difficult and FUN. I highly recommend trying one of her classes and purely observe how you feel walking out of her space. Thank you Alex!

Emily K

Alex creates a welcoming atmosphere and provides challenging workouts that are engaging and grounded in the present


Our Accreditations

Be Certain You're In The Right Hands.

Cert III - Fitness (Australian Institute Of Personal Trainers)
Mat Work Pilates (Studio Pilates International)
First Aid & CPR